Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
The Default Player

Download (x86 for compatibility with MadVR and xy-SubFilter).


Combined Community Codec Pack
MPC-HC with a collected archive of codecs.



Kawaii Codec Pack
MPC-HC with a codec pack that contains the latest DirectShow components.


DirectShow Components

The following software is included in KCP but can be downloaded and installed separately with default MPC-HC.

  • madVR - High quality gpu assisted video renderer.
  • xy-vsfilter / XySubFilter - Superior subtitle renderer.
  • LAV-Filters - A package with the fastest and most actively developed DirectShow Media Splitter and Decoders.
  • ReClock - Addresses the problem of audio judder by adapting media for smooth playback OR utilized for bit perfect audio.

Other components:

  • Haali Media Splitter - A powerful decoder and splitter that supports multitrack and multisegment linked as well as concatenated files.


The following settings are for very high quality playback and are not recommended for a slow computer or laptop. Settings can easily be lowered for slower hardware. You can monitor the dropped frames and presentation glitches by pressing Ctrl+J to open the madVR playback statistics. You may need to adjust your settings to match your graphics card's requirements.


This setup is based on a KCP installation.

Image guide in progress.

Custom Monitor Refresh Rate

CAUTION! Overclocking can damage your monitor.

If your monitor is limited to 60Hz you can overclock or underclock the refresh rate by a multiple of 24 (24Hz, 48Hz, 72Hz) for best playback.

Not all Automatic Timings will work with all monitors. You may have to edit the Front porch, Back porch and Sync Width.