Setup is pretty straight forward. Everything can easily be done through the main settings menu. There is not much to configure but Rendering Resolution, Upscale Level/Type and enabling various Speed Hacks.


  • Weird text?
    Download the original fonts and place them into the /flash0/ folder. Disabling buffered rendering fixed the no text issue with FF4 for some. The forums say this will only fix it on Nvidia cards.
  • DLC
    Seems to work without any plugins, just place them in /memstick/PSP/GAME.
  • X doesn't work?
    Turn on/off Buffered Rendering or MipMapping and try again.
  • Too slow?
    Turn on/off Hardware Transform and try again.
  • Dangan Ronpa
    Make sure you're using the latest dev build of PPSSPP and that Buffered Rendering, Read Framebuffers to Memory and FramebufferCPUConvert are enabled (FramebufferCPUConvert is only necessary on AMD I think, I don't need it on Intel/Nvidia and other Intel/Nvidia users seem to be the same).
  • Dissidia 012.
    Recent revisions to PPSSPP have changes (supposedly for better "PSP Mini" game support), which cause issues with Dissidia 012, such as red tinted cutscenes. v0.9.6-483-gf80adef is the latest build before they added Bigpet's commit that broke Dissidia 012. So use that one. OR use this custom build, it's the most up to date build (as of this writing) currently v0.9.7.2-41 with only the Bigpet's commit that broke Dissidia removed, so no red tint. Go get your Dissidia on.
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