Dolphin Emulator
Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin is an emulator for Nintendo GameCube and the Wii. It has compatibility with all PC controllers, turbo speed, networked multiplayer, and more.

You can play games from disc or iso and gcm files.


Dolphin Stable & Dev Builds
System Requirements


Zelda: Twilight Princess running in Dolphin
Zelda: Twilight Princess running in Dolphin
Zelda: Twilight Princess running in Dolphin
Monster Hunter Tri 1080p in Dolphin

The following setups use Dolphin 4.0+. See How to update Dolphin if you are coming from an older version and want to transfer your User settings.

The official Dolphin Wiki has optimal settings for every game. Leave your GUI configuration at default and change settings per game using ini files.

Make sure your computer's runtimes are up to date.


There are 3 CPU Engines:

  • Interpreter - Very slow, some games may require it.
  • JIT - Compiles the games PPC code into x86 code, copies it into a cache, then executes it. The default and recommended engine.
  • JITIL - Compiles the games PPC code into an intermediate language (IL), compiles that into x86 code, copies it into a cache, then executes it. Runs best on a 64-bit operating system, especially with AMD CPUs.


There are 3 rendering modes:

  • Direct3D (D3D) - Microsoft's graphics rendering scheme
  • OpenGL (OGL) - Silicon Graphics rendering scheme
  • Software Renderer - Used for debugging


There are 2 DSP Engines:

  • HLE - (High Level Emulation) Very fast with almost no overhead and does not require any additional files.
  • LLE - (Low Level Emulation) Uses DSP ROM files to emulate the DSP's hardware behavior. Requires a lot more processing power, but provides perfect sound.
    • Dolphin includes a developer-created DSP ROM, but the real ones can be found here.

And 2 Audio Backends:

  • XAudio2 - Low-level audio API that provides signal processing.
  • OpenAL - Works across a wider range of hardware. May reduce audio skipping with increased latency.


Zelda: Twilight Princess running in Dolphin
DualShock 4 Touchpad as IR

There are 2 controller schemes:

  • GCPad - For use with games require a GameCube controller. It can be mapped to keyboard and mouse or any controller.
  • Wiimote - For use with games that require a Wiimote. It can be mapped to keyboard and mouse or any controller.

Map your inputs using Dolphin's GUI, or download pre-configured profiles you find on the internet.

Configuration Per Game

  1. In Dolphin, click View ? Select Columns ? Game ID
  2. In your Dolphin installation folder, navigate to the \Sys\GameSettings folder.
  3. Find your game's .ini configuration file by it's Game ID.
  4. Make changes to the file using a text editor, such as Notepad++.
  5. Use this list of commands (Using gameini settings per game)


  • User Files can be found separate from the install folder, in \My Documents\Dolphin Emulator.
  • Wii Saves - \My Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Wii\title.
  • GameCube Saves - \My Documents\Dolphin Emulator\GC.
  • Emulator SaveStates - \My Documents\Dolphin Emulator\StateSaves.
  • Wiimote Profiles - \My Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Config\Profiles\Wiimote.

Wii MotionPlus

Some games, such as Zelda: Skyward Sword, require MotionPlus controls.

For real Wii Remote
See this guide on how to configure it.

For Emulated MotionPlus
You will need to download a specially compiled emulator, Dolphin MotionPlus 3.0-410.

MotionPlus with DualShock 4

If using DS4Windows, Download and use this custom Xbox controller profile.
Place in EmuCR-Dolphin-MotionPlus-3.0-410-x64\User\Config\Profiles\Wiimote directory and select it from Dolphin's controller configuration window.


Wii Backup Manager - Work with DVD backups, convert between DVD, ISO, CISO and WBFS and extract Wii games to the format.

Rawdump - Allows you to dump your Wii/Gamecube discs with one of the supported DVD drives.


To launch a game from a Windows shortcut icon, add the following (using your own paths) in the Target line:
C:\{Path to Emulator}\Dolphin.exe -e "C:\{Path to ROM}\YourGame.iso"

No roms, bios or copyrighted game files are hosted or linked on this site.