This guide covers various different PC and Mobile emulators for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, & Game Boy Advance.

Game Boy


Can also be used in RetroArch.

Color Palettes and Saves are stored in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\gambatte in .sav format.

BGB (Super Game Boy)

The Super Game Boy displays more colors than the traditional Game Boy Color. The screen border graphics can be disabled.

Palettes are configured in bgb.ini.

Saves are made to the same folder as the rom in .sav format.

Color Schemes

Palette Comparisons


Super Game Boy can be launched through command-line using bsnes and the correct SGB rom.

retroarch -L "C:\Path\To\cores\bsnes_mercury_balanced_libretro.dll" -c "C:\Path\To\config\bsnes-mercury.cfg" "C:\Path\To\Super Game Boy.sfc" --subsystem sgb "C:\Path\To\"

Game Boy Color


TGB Dual

Can also be used in RetroArch.

Game Boy Advance


Can also be used in RetroArch.



RetroArch Android
RetroArch Android

See RetroArch Guide.


Game Boy - Gambatte
Game Boy Color - TGB Dual
Game Boy Advance - mGBA

Saves are stored in the roms folder in .srm format.

My OldBoy! - Game Boy Color

My OldBoy! running Pokemon
My OldBoy! running Pokemon

Free & Paid

Features Flash 128k save type to work with Pokemon and Super Game Boy for colorized original Game Boy games.

Saves are stored in /sdcard/MyOldBoy/save/ in .sav format.

My Boy! - Game Boy Advance

Free & Paid

Saves are stored in /sdcard/MyBoy/save/ in .sav format.

Convert Saves

Simply rename the save file extention to .srm for RetroArch and .sav for other emulators that use it.

If .srm is not working try using this save converter. Drag and drop the file onto the .exe, then rename it to .sav.

No roms, bios or copyrighted game files are hosted or linked on this site.