Transforming 360
Improved D-Pad. Requires Microsoft Drivers. Wireless with Receiver.
Xbox One
Removable USB & Wireless with Microsoft Adapter.
Xbox One Elite
Faceted D-pad, Hair Trigger Locks & Paddles. Wireless with Microsoft Adapter.
PDP Afterglow Xbox
Wired USB. Officially licensed by Microsoft.
DualShock 3
Use with SCP Driver Package
& Xbox 360 Drivers.
DualShock 4
Use with DS4Windows or InputMapper
& Xbox 360 Drivers.
Pro EX PS3
Cross between 360 & PS3 controller. Backlit buttons, textured grip.
PDP Afterglow PS3
Wireless & Compatible with Energizer Xbox One Chargers.
Wii Classic
Adapter Required
Mayflash PC045. No L3 or R3
in Joysticks.
Wii Classic Pro
Adapter Required
Mayflash PC045. No L3 or R3
in Joysticks.
Wii U Pro
Bluetooth, Non-Pressure Sensitive Triggers. Use WiinUSoft v2.0 software.
PDP Afterglow Wii U
Wireless & Wired USB.
Analog-like triggers.


Steam Controller
Wireless, Dual Trackpads, Dual-Stage Triggers, Completely Configurable.
MOGA Pro Power
Great build quality. Compatible with mobile devices.
SteelSeries Stratus
XInput & DirectInput.
Compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Steam.
Gamesir G3w
Wired USB. 32-bit high-speed MCU chip. XInput & DirectInput.
Logitech F510/710
Solid build quality, Wireless, Rumble, DirectInput & XInput.
ZD V Plus
Wired USB. XInput & DirectInput. Works without drivers.
Mad Catz FightPad SD
8-way floating D-Pad. Multi-speed
Turbo functionality.
Hori Fighting Commander
Wired USB. XInput & DirectInput.
Good D-pad.
SteelSeries Nimbus
For iOS & OS X.
Pressure-sensitive Buttons.
Analog Triggers.
Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i
For iOS & OS X.
For iOS & OS X.
Officially Licensed by Apple.
Horipad Ultimate
For iOS & OS X.
Officially Licensed by Apple.


Wi-Fi Direct Connectivity, Stereo Headset Jack, Integrated Mic.
MOGA Hero Power
Slim design. S.M.R.T. Lock Arm. For smartphones and tablets.
PowerLead Gapo iPega PG 9033
PowerLead iPega
Telescopic stand for 6 inch phones. 20 hour battery life.
8bitdo zero
8Bitdo Zero
Small enough to fit on a keychain.


NES RetroPad
Original controller upgraded to USB.
Buffalo Famicom
Wired USB, Plug & Play. Usually ships from Japan.
Buffalo Classic
Wired USB, Plug & Play. Usually ships from Japan.
8Bitdo SNES30
Bluetooth & Wired USB. Also comes in Super Famicom colors, SFC30.
8Bitdo NES30 Pro
Wireless & Wired USB.
Note: LED lights pulse, can’t
be turned off.
Retro Freak
Included with the Retro Freak
game system.
Hyperkin Genesis
Wired USB. Decent quality.
Saturn SLS Control Pad
Official Sega USB Controller, Rare. Comes in many colors.
Neo Geo Pad USB
Official Controller. Compatible with
PS3 & Windows.
ASCII Seamic
USB controller for PlayStation 2, Mac & Windows.
Retrolink N64
Wired USB. Decent quality.
Tomee N64 USB
Wired USB. Decent quality.


Bliss-Box 4-Play
Connect almost any original console controller to PC through these adapters.
xbox adapter for pc
Xbox Wireless for Windows
CSR 4.0
Kinivo BTD-400
Wireless Bluetooth USB adapters. Must be at least 2.0+EDR compliant.
Avoid cheap ones as they will drop signal.

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