Xbox One
Impulse Triggers with fingertip vibration feedback, Enhanced D-pad & Headset jack.
Xbox One Elite
Pro-level controller. Faceted D-pad, Hair Trigger Locks & Paddles.
Rock Candy
Removable cable, Ergonomic concave thumb sticks. Does not support headsets.
PDP Afterglow Xbox
Premium ALPS analog sticks, Dual Multi-Function wheels with 6 programmable actions.
Razor Wildcat
Wired, Elite level controller, 4 additional fully-programmable buttons.
PowerA Fusion Pro
Wired, Braided USB Cable, 4 Underside Assignable Buttons.
Hori Hoirpad
Wired, Impulse triggers, Vibration feedback, IR sensor, Ergonomic grip.
Xbox One Mini Series
Wired, Nano-sized ergonomics, Impulse triggers & rumble.
Xbox 360
Comes in wired and wireless version. Uses AA batteries or rechargeable packs.
Transforming 360
Official controller with improved, rotatable D-Pad.
Mad Catz Control Pad Pro 360
Wired, High Quality, Analog joysticks & triggers.
360 Rock Candy
Wired, Great Quality, Officially licensed by Microsoft.


DualShock 4
PlayStation 4. Bluetooth, SIXAXIS, DualShock Vibration, Touch Pad & Light Bar.
Horipad FPS Plus
Turbo Feature, Compatible with PS3 & PS4. Does not support headset or light bar function.
Hori Fighting Commander 4
Wired, Rotatable D-pad & Turbo. Compatible with PS3 & PS4.
Hori Fighting Commander
Turbo feature. Compatible with PS3 & PS4.
DualShock 3
PlayStation 3. Bluetooth, SIXAXIS & DualShock Vibration.
Hori Gem Pad PS3
Crystalline GEM shell with LED’s, Ergonomic grip & Turbo.
Pro EX PS3
Cross between 360 & PS3 controller. Backlit buttons, textured grip.
PDP Afterglow PS3
Wireless & Compatible with Energizer Xbox One Chargers.
Zhidong N
Backlit buttons with Turbo function. D-pad and Left-Stick can be exchanged.
HORI Sports Pad Pro
Designed for sports games. Right Analog Stick on back of the controller.
Logitech Cordless PS2
PlayStation 2. Wireless with Dual Analog mini-sticks & pressure-sensitive D-pad.
PlayStation 2 Fight Pad with classic 6 face button layout and an improved D-pad.


Wii U Pro
Analog Joysticks & Digital Triggers (Non-pressure sensitive).
Wii U Pro SNES
Super Nintendo themed.
PDP Afterglow Wii U
Wired & Wireless. Analog-like triggers.
PDP Wii U Fightpad
Replica GameCube design. Officially licensed by Nintendo.
Wii Classic
Great for classic games on WiiWare & Virtual Console.
Wii Classic Pro
Ergonomic grip. Great for classic games on WiiWare & Virtual Console.
Hori Classic Wii Turbo
Turbo switches for all buttons. Comes in black & sky blue.
Club Nintendo Wii SNES
Classic controller distributed to platinum members of Club Nintendo.
Twin analog thumbsticks, Eight-way D-pad & Rumble. Compatible with Wii.
Wireless (RF), requires receiver. Compatible with Wii.
Hori Pad Cube
Left & Right Z buttons. Comes in multiple colors.
Hori Game Boy Player
Super Nintendo shaped GameCube controller. Compatible with Wii.
Nitendo 64
Several Expansion Paks available such as Rumble.
Hori Mini Pad
Small form, dual Z trigger buttons. Superb joystick, similar to the GameCube controller.
Hori Commander
Features auto-fire buttons. Usually ships from Japan.
Super Pad 64
Features a more standard design for those who dislike the original controller.
Super Nintendo
Official console controller released in 1991.
Super Famicom
Japanese version of the Super Nintendo controller.
SNES Ascii Pad
Individual turbo & slow-mo settings for each button.
Super Game Boy
Used with the Super Game Boy Cartride. Alternate between Super Nintendo/Famicom.
Official console controller released in 1985.
Japanese version of the Nintendo controller.
NES Dogbone
Official 1991 remake of the original Nintendo controller.
NES Max Pad
Features Turbo and Sliding D-pad for 360° motion.


Official console controller. Two slots for Memory and Rumble Pack.
Mad Catz Dream Pad
6 buttons good for fighting games. Comes in multiple colors.
Auto Fire Button & Tremor Pak. Comes in multiple colors.
Fighting Type controller. Resembles a Sega Saturn Control Pad.
Saturn Control Pad 80100
Official controller released in 1995. Version 1.
Saturn Control Pad 80116
Official controller released in 1995. Version 2.
Japanese Control Pad
Official, released in 1994-96. No console region lock. Comes in multiple colors.
Saturn 3D Control Pad
Featured an analogue stick. Similar to the N64 controller.
Genesis MK-1650
Standard 3 button controller released in 1989.
6 Button Control Pad
Also known as the Fighting Pad 6B in Japan.
6 Button Arcade Pad
Turbo button. Model number MK-1470.
Turbo Touch 360
Octagonal, touch sensitive D-pad & Turbo.

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